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Dog Pricing:

All pricing starts as a mini groom Bath package $55.00 and up depending on the size and weight of the animal. For example, $55 is for a dog weighing 0-20 pounds that includes Bath, blow dry, furminator de-shedding, nail clipping ,ear cleaning, Blueberry facial, gland expression, trim potty areas (sanitation trim belly, bottom, and paws if requested)  bows or bandana, and doggie/kitty cologne.

Cat Pricing:
All pricing starts at $65-$70 for a mini groom Bath package includes Bath, blow dry, furminator de-shedding, nail clipping ,ear cleaning, Blueberry facial, trim potty areas (sanitation trim belly, bottom if requested)  bows or bandana, and doggie/kitty cologne.


  • X-SMALL 0-10 Lbs - $50.00-$55.00
  • SMALL 11-20 Lbs - $60.00 and up
  • MEDIUM 21-39 Lbs - $70.00 and up
  • LARGE 40-69 Lbs - $80.00 and up
  • X-LARGE 70-99 Lbs - $90.00 and up
  • GIANT 100 Lbs and up - $125.00 and up


  • SHORT HAIR - $65.00-$70.00 and up
  • LONG HAIR - $75.00-$80.00 and up


  • X-SMALL 0-10 Lbs - $65.00-$70.00
  • SMALL 11-20 Lbs - $75.00-$80.00 and up
  • MEDIUM 21-39 Lbs - $85.00 and up
  • LARGE 40-69 Lbs - $95.00 and up
  • X-LARGE 70-99 Lbs - $125.00 and up
  • GIANT 100 Lbs and up - $155.00 and up
  • LION CUTS (CATS ONLY) - $105-115 and up


¬†All pets require different services and I quote prices based on information provided over the phone.  If your pet turns out to be larger/smaller than the breed standard, you will be charged more/less based on the case. Specialty haircuts (ex. scissor cuts, guard comb cuts, or patterned cuts that want the pattern scissored down and bigger breeds might need more work and the price will go up.) are usually more than something that takes less time to do. 

Matted pets will be charged $1 by the minute for de-matting. Please note that not all pets can be de-matted. Some pets are more sensitive than others and have lower tolerances for such extensive work. In the event that you want your pet brushed out and it takes more time than I have allowed for the appointment, I will have to come back for a second de-matting session (this also applies to sensitive pets). If the pet is too matted, consent to shave will be asked for.  In the event of severe matting the pet will be shaved, NO EXCEPTIONS! Shaving a matted pet requires time (depends on the severity of the matting) and may cause nicks, cuts, scrapes, or burns to the matted pet. I will not torture a pet and make it sit through painful brushing. Matting can also cause rashes or sores that remain hidden until the coat is removed. Rashes and sores are caused by the skin being pulled by the matts and not being able to breath properly. 

Not provided for cats.

Royalty "The works package" for DOGS/CATS ($15 added to your groom)
Includes everything from the mini bath package plus: 

  • Nail Dremmel 
  • Teeth Brushing 
  • Deep Conditioning
  • Your choice of Premium Shampoo

Shampoo's and products used
As the owners of Royalty Unleashed, we strive to offer the best natural high quality shampoo products the industry has to offer. We stay educated every year on the industry's best rated shampoos. Our preference of specialty shampoos and conditioners are from kelco, detergent free and soap free. kelco products are pH balanced, natural and biodegradable. Formulated for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. We love to educate our pet parents on the importance of using quality shampoo for the health of your pets skin and fur. As pet owners and lovers ourselves we love to share our knowledge on how to keep your pets coat and skin at its best. The results of our shampoos and products will have you hooked on quality.


Premium Shampoos

  • Oatmeal ($7 extra) 
  • Pet degreaser ($7 extra) 
  • Flea and tick shampoo ($7 extra)
  • Ultra Silk conditioner for skin and coat($7 extra) 
  • Whitening shampoo ($7 extra) 
  • Kelco black star for black coats ($7 extra) 
  • De-skunk treatment ($15-20 extra)

Nail Painting
You choose color.($7 extra)

Tooth brushing
Helps keep your pet's teeth healthy and in good condition. Lessens dentals that need to be done or having multiple pulled teeth ($7 extra)

Soft Claws Application
$25.00 additional to groom or mini groom price 
(must order prior to appointment)

Nail Dremmel/Nail Grinding
This method gives the pets nails a smoother finish with no pointy ends, as well as a safer method for dogs with black nail which hide the length of the animals quick (skin in the nail) .($5 extra) (dremmel is added to the mini groom bath package)

Feather extensions
Choose from a selection of colorful, trendy and stylish feathers to finish the royalty grooming package. these feather extensions are safely applied to your pet's hair as an actual extension that last up to 1 month. All feathers are water friendly. feathers range from ($12-$15 extra) for feather and installation. 

Pet Jewelry
What's royalty without its bling? we offer a various selection of different colored rhinestones to add to you pets face and ears. starting price ($5 extra)we use pet friendlily adhesive that makes their bling last.  

Creative Grooming/Dog Dyeing
Royalty Unleased offers all the new trends taking over the pet industry including pet dying. we offer dying packages starting at $15 extra for a small section and up to $55 for a full dyed pet depending on pets size and coat. Prices can increase.

Service Area
We Service the following cities:
La Puente Hacienda heights
Rowland Heights West Covina
Baldwin Park City of Industry
El Monte Avocado heights
azusa covina
La Habra Walnut
whittier south el monte
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